Containment: Life After Three Mile Island
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Containment: Life After Three Mile Island examines the legacy of the 1979 accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant (TMI) from the perspective of the nearby community of Middletown, Pennsylvania. Containment explores the accident´s long-term effects on local residents, including the rise of anti-nuclear activism, psychological consequences and the debate over health effects.

Much like the radioactive waste permanently interred in the damaged Unit 2 reactor, the accident at TMI refuses to go away. The film travels to Middletown High School, where students learn about nuclear power. It follows a small group of activists who continue to protest against the plant, and shows how the accident is commemorated on its 20th anniversary. Containment maps out the tensions and divisions that continue to run through Middletown, asking not only whether radiation can truly be contained by four-foot-thick concrete walls, but whether fear and anger can be contained by the process of history. What is the half-life of memory?